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Flipkart and Amazon India both said their ecommerce businesses grew sharply in the three months ended September, registering a significant recovery from the months before the government introduced the goods and services tax. Flipkart said its ecommerce business grew at about 85% year-on-year in terms of gross merchandise volume (GMV) in the July-September quarter that included its flagship festive sales events, up from 65-70% growth in the preceding three mon
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9 Google apps launched in 2017 worth trying : There’s an app for almost everything these days and it’s hard to smartphones living without them. While Apps are launched by the dozen on a daily basis, Google is a company that focuses on enhancing user experience by launching apps every year. While some of them may be only for Android users, some are available for iOS users as well. This year was especially interesting with a few India-focused launch
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Since the Spectre and Meltdown processor flaws were first made public last week, tech firms have been scrambling to get updates pushed out to users’ devices. The only problem? In fixing the bugs, which concern chip-level code and functions, Intel and Microsoft’s patches have also made computers slower. But according to Google, it is still possible to have the best of both worlds.
Google’s own fix for Variant 2 of the Spectre CPU atta
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